Pug Mug Monday #1

After 32 weeks of Caturday videos, I've begun to tire of finding a new one every week. So, at the behest of my friend Andrew (whose new blog--and music!--you should check out) I'm going to start Pug Mug Mondays.

Because A) Who doesn't love a pug? and B) I happen to have the cutest pug on earth and take way too many pictures of him.

And doesn't that make Monday a little nicer?

June Wrap-Up

Well, I failed at the photo a day. Once I got to ALA (which I will be doing a post on next week... it's still digesting), it all went out the window. To make up for it, here are some random photos I've taken in the last week:

OK, anyway, here's a wrap up from the month of June (which went by SO FAST, I might add).

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