I received my BA in Philosophy and Theology from Point Loma Nazarene University in December 2010, and I'm currently pursuing a Master's in Theological Studies at Vanderbilt. 

My current theological interests are sacramental and liturgical theology, examined through the lens of deconstructive/deconstructed postmodern philosophy. My most-cited scholars include Louis-Marie Chauvet, Jacques Derrida, and John Caputo (but not necessarily in that order).

I've posted full versions of some of the papers I've written below. You can also read their abstracts HERE.

"Queering Wesley, Queering the Church: Toward an Ecclesial Circumcision of the Heart" Wesleyan Theological Society annual meeting, Asbury Theological Seminary, March 2017

"We Who Are Many Are One Body: Rethinking the Real Presence of Christ in the Loaf and the Church" Term paper for DIV6855 "Theologies of Multiplicity" taught by Laurel Schneider, Vanderbilt University, Spring 2016

"Christian Liturgy as Micro-Protest" co-authored with Jim Waters. Subverting the Norm, Drury University, November 2015.

"Deconstructive Liturgy as Pedagogy for Christian Formation" Wesleyan Philosophical Society annual meeting. Mount Vernon Nazarene University, March 2015

"Archive, Anamnesis, & A Real-Beyond-Presence in the Eucharistic Liturgy" Practical Matters, 7 (2014) 

"This is My Body: Deconstruction, Eucharist, and Community" co-authored with Joel Avery. Homebrewed Christianity: Derrida and Caputo in Actual Churches, American Academy of Religion. Baltimore, November 2013

"Eucharist as Deconstructive Act" Subverting the Norm. Drury University, April 2013

"Uzzah and the Hemorrhaging Woman: The Effect of the Incarnation on the Meaning of Holiness" Wesleyan Theological Society annual meeting. Seattle Pacific University, March 2013