It Spooks: Living in Response to an Unheard Call

My friends made a book, and I got to put some words in it!

From the description: 

It Spooks; Living in response to an unheard call is a book of visual, poetic, and written responses to a paper by John D. Caputo. It is a creative collaboration-including a wide spectrum of contributors from diverse backgrounds and nationalities-which lends itself to the ongoing conversation of radical theology, spectral religion, and (as Caputo himself has described), "our haunting from within".

John D. Caputo writes with pointed insight and a smattering of humor as he dethrones the dry bones of religious academia and deconstructs our Western understanding of God; a god he suggests does not exist, but insists. In one volume Catherine Keller, Brian McLaren, Peter Rollins, Michael Gungor and a host of other (known-and-no-name) academics, artists, writers, photographers, and painters offer a broad perspective of responses to Caputo's contention of a spectral, weak god who has no agent but you (and me) to enact that which is holy. Prepare to try on the "It Spooks" hauntology as you consider the role(s) you play in this world and what it might mean for you to live in response to this unheard call.

My chapter is entitled "Haunted Houses, Spooky Rituals, and Practicing Perhaps," and it's about how participating in the church's liturgies might open us up to the unknown and help us see how the world might be in the Kingdom of God, the year of Jubilee.

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