In which I detail the reasons I suck at blogging

I apologize.

I am just no good at regular blogging. I'm usually OK at it for a while, and then I get bored of it and feel like I have nothing to say and I know I should at least post something (even if no one is reading it) because I said I would and then I feel guilty when I don't.

I'll be better. I promise. Maybe.

In short: I feel like I have nothing really to contribute. I'm learning things ever MLIS student learns and right now it's not super exciting to me because I don't particularly care about social research. OK, it's important. And I guess some of it is interesting. But still.

Also, I'm not feeling as overwhelmed or stressed out as my classmates are, so I feel bad because I don't want to just be like, "This is a piece of cake. Maybe I'll go bake a cake. And take a nap!" even though that's kind of what I did yesterday.

Anyway. I'll be back. Regular programming shall return. As soon as I get my blogging act together.