Weekend Update

I'm up to my knees in readings and discussions for school, so I took this weekend to step out and dry off for a minute. It's interesting trying to get into a new rhythm of things.

This weekend I:

  • Went to Library Game Night and played Apples to Apples and Scattergories.

  • Saw the bioluminescent red tide. It was so amazing! I've lived in/around San Diego forever, but I'd never seen it before. Click here to see a video or here to read about how it works.

  • Had a visit from my mom and watched my cousin play basketball.

  • Did a little thrift shopping. Here's one of my finds:

(No, I didn't buy it. Too creepy!)

Sunday night I got back into my readings and school work. Definitely ready for week two!

Is the weekend your time to work or your time for play? I find I'm able to do schoolwork during the week, so I like to take the weekend off.