On Self-Branding & Marketing

I read this blog post from thewikiman (aka Ned Potter) about whether it's advantageous to market yourself (answer: not necessarily) and it was really refreshing in light of all the other things I read that are constantly yelling, "YOU NEED TO GET YOUR NAME OUT THERE!" His main point was this: Do what gets you the job you want; anything else is optional.

I'd venture to add do what makes you feel happy and fulfilled, kind of in the same vein of this post.

It's probably mostly self-inflicted, but I'm constantly badgered by these expectations that I need to do more, study more, read more, be more if I want to be successful. I watch my colleagues do big, exciting, important things and think, "Am I even cut out for this? I can't do that." And when I'm really honest with myself, I don't necessarily want to do all that crazy stuff.

And that's OK.

As Potter points out, not all (not most?) libraries or other places you might want to work are interested in big-time awards or a big reputation--they're interested in whether you can do the job you're applying for, and do it well.

This is so comforting to me. I don't have to be famous to do good work. I can do good work--in an area that is fulfilling to me, not one that I feel like I should be in--and that is good enough.