Search Terms

In the past week, people have found my blog by searching the following terms on Google:
+ hazelnut julian of norwich

+ wardrobe with tights

+ can leopard print be a neutral

+ is leopard print considered a neutral?

+ paper on st. gregory of nyssa

+ pirate libraries

+ saints of the catholic church
I'm pretty pleased with this (though perhaps wary of the "paper on st. gregory of nyssa" one--you'd better not have plagiarized my blogpost!) because it means people were looking for information, and I somehow helped them find it! Although I'm not sure exactly what their needs or purposes are, and a random blog post is generally not a reputable source for anything serious, I like to think that somehow my being here either answered their question or at least acted as a stepping stone. And that's kind of fun.
Also, YES! Leopard print is a neutral! I will always stand by that.