Paper Crane Graffiti!

I don't think I've ever shared why I named my blog "Paper Crane Library."

Probably because it's not a very exciting story. I decided I needed a blog as I started library school, looked around my office for name inspiration, and saw a few tiny paper cranes I'd been folding in my spare minutes of work (which were plentiful last summer...). Then a few weeks later, when I was in Seattle for the MLIS program orientation, I found a little ceramic crane (pictured in my header) in a shop and bought it for good luck.

I don't really believe in luck. But I like the idea and the symbolism. Paper cranes are also supposed to symbolize peace. I like that too.

I was reminded of all this when I saw this article about a French artist who is creating "graffiti" with origami in Paris. Check out the article here, and this video: