I have been feeling so off with blogging lately, and kind of with life too, if I'm honest. But Curtis and I just got back from a little vacation and a friend's lovely wedding, and I feel refreshed and much better.

It's strange how things that you do and see every day can start to get out of focus, and it's nice to get away for a while so you can come back and view everything with fresh eyes.

I feel that way about the gospel sometimes--and religion in general. I spend so much time reading books and blogs about Christianity, and participating in church every week, and it all starts to blur together sometimes. But then I see something like the Stations of the Cross at the Santa Barbara Mission, and I'm able to look at things in a new way. It's centering.

All this to say, sometimes I step away from blogging without notice, but it just means that it will be better when I come back.