First Day of School! First Day of School!

Today is--supposedly--the first day of my second year in the MLIS program.

I say supposedly because, as of this posting, the day is half over and I have yet to gain access to my course websites. This means there has been zero schoolwork done (unless you count introducing myself on the discussion board).

Pretty anticlimactic.

The good news is I'm one step closer to being DONE. It's been kind of annoying to be in this state of suspended animation all summer with no classes, making no progress. But now we're back in business and I'm ready to get stuff done.

The other good news is that I'll actually have library-related stuff to talk about here again. Because discussing readings on discussion boards sometimes isn't quite enough.

I'm taking two classes this quarter: Research Assessments and Design and Strategic Management of Social Media.

So if you're interested in either of those things, stay tuned!