On New School Years

Classes at Point Loma started last week, and I've been training up TEN new student employees. That's a lot, considering I currently have 16 total. It's been nice, and they all seem really enthusiastic and ready to learn, which is great.

It's especially interesting because now there are only 4 students left who were my co-workers before I became their supervisor. So the majority of my students just see me as their "boss," and not, you know, like a regular human being who was also a student worker not-too-long-ago. Which is good and bad, I guess.

Next year all the students will have been hired by me.

It makes me feel a little old. I realize that I graduated two years ago and have been in this position as long. It's really flown by, and what's weirder is that there's not really an end in sight. I could easily be in this office for five (or seven? or ten?) more years. Who knows?

Being a grown up is weird.

Anyway, classes of my second year of my MLIS start up in three weeks and I'm dreading having to actually do school again but looking forward to being a bit closer to completing my degree.

Welp. Boring post is boring.

Here is a photo of my and my friend/New Testament professor Kara wearing our matching shoes on the first day of classes: