Banned Books Week

Nothing gets me excited like being a little subversive. 

And with this week being Banned Books Week, I get to be a subversive book-pusher--even better!

I don't know why I feel more excited about Banned Books Week this year than in previous years. Maybe it's the classes I've taken where we've talked about access and censorship. Maybe it's been my recent interest in Christian anarchism. Maybe it's the fact that I had to drag that bookshelf (see photo) out of my office for our display and now it's all empty in here and I have personal, physical investment in this display.

Whatever it is, I'm all in and I've already had some really great conversations with students about censorship--what it is, why it's bad, and why we should do everything in our power to stop it. Several students have already taken books off the shelf to check out. So rewarding!

I'll be back later this week with another Banned Books Week themed post or two, talking about my favorite banned book(s) and why the heck the Church is so often leading the crusade against information.

I hope you're celebrating your freedom to read this week! Pick a book off The List and stick it to The Man!