Warby Parker and Social Media

If you've followed my blog for a while, you probably remember back in August when I posted about my Warby Parker glasses frames home try-on.

It was a really nice experience, and, prompted by yet another Social Media Management assignment, I wanted to talk a bit about the company's social media strategy and how that plays a part in doing their business--and doing it well.

Warby Parker is linked to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It has "share" buttons for Facebook and Twitter on each product page, which is typical enough.

But where the company really shines is in its actual interaction and correspondence with customers.

On their Facebook page they encourage people participating in a home try-on to post pictures if they need help deciding on a pair of frames. This creates a community of users--other customers comment and like photos and offer their thoughts, and Warby Parker admins also offer advice, complete with flattering compliments.

On Twitter, the people behind the company's account troll the #warbyparker hashtag and respond to just about every @ mention they receive.

Here's the response I got when I tweeted the Instagram photo of my try-on options:

(I did end up choosing the Sinclair--they definitely know their stuff!)

What makes Warby Parker's social media campaign successful, in my opinion, is that they take the initiative to really personally respond to every tweet, and every Facebook post. I don't know how they do it--probably tons of social media reps--but it makes all the difference. So much better than a Twitter account run by a bot.

I'm not sure if they have a way of identifying if individuals who have interacted with their social media accounts actually end up purchasing their product, but I know that would be a valuable metric to have.

Regardless of metrics, though, I think the pleasant experience of interacting with a company in such a positive way is what it's all about. Consumers have a good feelings toward the company, and that makes them more likely to make a purchase, more likely to stay loyal to the brand, and more likely to tell others about the company.

Well done, Warby Parker. You are a shining beacon of what corporate social media should look like.

Have you had a similarly great social media experience with a company? Let's talk about it in the comments!

UPDATE: After posting this yesterday, Warby Parker sent me this tweet thanking me for sharing my experience. Yep, they are on point.