Who decided that glasses were a librarian thing? I mean, I'm sure just as many doctors and baristas wear glasses as librarians.

Anyway, I was asked to review a pair of Firmoo glasses, and since glasses and librarians are somehow inexorably linked, I figured I'd do it. Full disclosure: the company sent them to me for free.

Even if you have to pay for a pair, though, you can afford them. These are the ones I chose, and they're only $16 (not including shipping). I guess they are so cheap because they come straight from the factory in China?  I'm not sure where the company is based, but their website is (adequately, but obviously) translated into English. 

The customer service rep I spoke with was kind and very quick at responding to emails. Shipping only took four days (from China), although it was a week from the day I ordered to the day they shipped. The actual quality of the glasses is about what you'd expect. I mean, I'm not afraid they're going to snap any second, but I'm also not expecting them to last forever.

The only big negative I have about Firmoo is their selection. It's nowhere near as extensive as Warby Parker or Coastal. It was pretty easy to narrow down my options.

Overall, though, definitely worth checking out!

Firmoo gives new customers their first pair of glasses free--you just have to pay shipping. Click HERE if you're interested.